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I love Shrove Tuesday.  What is Shrove Tuesday you might ask?  Why Pancake Tuesday!  And who doesn’t love a holiday that revolves around food…okay, okay, so it’s not technically a holiday, but I like to think it’s one.  Now many of you might be more familiar with Pancake Tuesday as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras.  That’s right folks, one last day of eating and debotchery before Lent.  Yup, it starts tomorrow…and I’m giving up dessert.  [insert “GASP” here]  How can a food-lover like myself even consider giving up dessert?  Especially when she’s just starting her own food blog? Not easily.  But isn’t that what it’s suppose to be about?  It’s not suppose to be easy.  It is a journey.  Which is why at the beginning of this 40 day journey, I decided to start my food blog…a journey I hope will last much longer than 40 days.

So hello food blogging world!  My blog…”oh, for the love of…” is just being born in this season of reflection, searching, and discovery and I think it is quite a fitting place to start.

And just in case any of you did not get a good dose of pancakes today, here’s a couple shots of my pancake meal (and the recipes to make your own).

Crepes Complete

I put ham and cheese (today I used Jarlesberg) and ham in my crepes…my husband, T., likes this combination too.  I go one step further for myself and add a sunny-side-up egg right on top to make “crepes complete”.

I forgot to snap a photo when they were plated because we were too hungry…but here’s the tail end of T.’s second helping.

Ham and Cheese Crepe.


Alton Brown’s Blender Crepe Batter (from “I’m Just Here for More Food” by Alton Brown)

170g (3/4 cup) of milk

113g (1/2 cup) of water

2 large eggs

1/2 tsp salt

3 tbsps melted butter

142g (1 cup) all purpose flour

Add milk, water, eggs, and salt to blender.  Blend until combined.  Add in the butter through the top chut, followed by the flour.  Once flour is added blend only until smoothly combined (no longer than 10 seconds!).

And here’s my attempt at La Tartine Gourmande’s Lemon Sugar Crepes:

Lemon Crepes

Enjoy those pancakes!


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